About us

Polyclinic MakeOver Beautiful Inside & Out is an innovative polyclinic, located in Split, which brings together highly educated and experienced local and foreign medical professionals. In addition to high quality products and devices from the world of aesthetic medicine, we offer many innovative treatments in the field of dentistry, non-invasive and non-surgical treatments in the field of dermatology, medical aesthetics and anti-aging and aesthetic / regenerative gynecology.

In our polyclinic, we look at every person as a whole, with an emphasis on the synergy of physical and mental health. Our mission is to help very person who comes to us to achieve a balance between inner and outer beauty.
One of the innovative treatments we offer in our polyclinic is Informotherapy, a method recognized by the health authorities which studies the impact of information on physiological, biochemical and pathological processes in the human body. With the help of a special device and personalized frequencies, the informotherapist returns the organism to a state of natural balance.

The philosophy of our work is woven into the idea that external beauty comes from within. Thus, all of the above areas communicate with each other, and each area communicates closely with the department of psychology and nutrition.

The polyclinic itself is a continuation of a family story which started back in 1994, when we were among the first professionals in our area to apply innovations following world trends. After more than 20 years of work, with a lot of experience and new knowledge in the field of medicine and non-invasive treatments, we opened an innovative anti-age polyclinic that can offer our local and foreign clients everything in one place – both top treatments and high-quality accommodation. Our luxuriously decorated Bgold rooms are located in the same building as our polyclinic, and our highly qualified health and tourism professionals will make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled.

Commitment to the work we love and live is reflected in your satisfaction, which always motivates us, inspires us and makes us happy.

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