The team of our dental clinic consists of top experts who will bring your smile to perfection with the most modern methods! We are very proud of our personalized approach to each patient, from diagnosis to problem solving. Our main goal is that every patient leaves our polyclinic with a smile they have always dreamed of!
Our team of dentists boasts a prestigious education (Urban Regeneration Institute, IRON Academy, Dental XP, etc.), numerous world awards, the title of Ambassador for the Swiss implant brand ROOTT, membership in the World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Bone Surgery and work experience pertaining to Pterygo implant lecturers and Zygoma implants (for the most severe cases with minimal bone).



General dental service

A prerequisite for healthy and shiny teeth are regular examinations and consultations with our dentists. We will provide each patient with a personalized approach in order to make them feel safe and relaxed in our polyclinic. Our professional staff is constantly improving their skills by following world innovations, as well as by attending training programs and presentations at world congresses. If you have healthy teeth, but you are not completely satisfied with their appearance, we will do everything we can to give you the smile you have always dreamed of. With our professional dental team, you are in good hands!


Our professional team led by an experienced prosthodontics specialist always strives for perfection when creating a new smile. With the help of modern technologies and constant improvement of the skills of our professional team, we can offer you a wide range of solutions for every dental problem.
Dental prosthetics services include:

– Dental crowns –

Crowns are prosthetic replacements which are permanently fixed to a ground tooth or dental implant with the aim of reconstructing lost function and aesthetics of the tooth. They are used when a tooth is weakened by caries, when endodontic treatment is performed, if a prosthetic replacement deteriorates, or as protection for the damaged structure of the tooth.

– Dental veneers –

Aesthetic dental veneers are thin porcelain plates glued to slightly ground tooth surfaces, aimed at correcting tooth imperfections. They can be made of different materials, but are most often made of porcelain as it is a solid and long-lasting material which covers a number of imperfections perfectly – from discolored teeth to gaps between teeth, deteriorated enamel and improper positioning of teeth. In addition, porcelain veneers conduct and reflect light like natural teeth and have the property of translucency. They are resistant to pigmentation caused by coffee, tea and nicotine. Since they also save healthy tooth tissue, they are nowadays a frequent restorative choice in a large number of cases. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the color, shape or size of your teeth, veneers are the ideal solution for you as they lead to a bright and natural long-lasting smile quickly and painlessly.

– Dental bridges –

Dental bridges are permanent fixed prosthetic replacements designed to replace one or more teeth. They fill empty spaces between teeth, prevent the movement of adjacent or opposite teeth and ensure normal joint function, lifting bites and supporting tooth tissue. Bridges also have a rehabilitative role in the treatment of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders. They can be made of precious metal alloys, anti-allergy non-precious alloys coated with ceramics, zirconium oxide or highly aesthetic lithium-disilicate ceramics for the zone up to the second premolar.

– Dentures –

Dentures are aids which can replace a large number of teeth or all teeth. They are standardly made of acrylate, as well as acrylate with an embedded metal mesh. The metal mesh protects the acrylic prosthesis from cracking. They are used when there is no possibility of a fixed solution or as a prerequisite for implant placement in order to preserve the resorption of the residual alveolar ridge.

– Temporary teeth –

These teeth are used by the patients undergoing major reconstructions, namely in the period after grinding, and before the dental laboratory creates the final prosthetic solution. Temporary teeth have a dual role: the first one is to protect the ground teeth until the end of the therapy, and the second one is to enable the patient to function normally and look acceptable until the end of the therapy. These teeth are made based on the dental impression that the dentist makes before starting the process. Please note that temporary teeth are made of acrylate or composite and need to be used carefully. Although temporary teeth look like the final result, they are not aesthetically perfect or completely adapted to the teeth, they have a significantly shorter lifespan, and due to their reduced mechanical resistance, they can be damaged or cracked.

Oral surgery with implantology

Some of the members of our professional team specialize in oral surgery and dental implantology. They handle all procedures with ease, without causing any pain or discomfort and with a detailed prior analysis. There are several types of implants we use in order to solve all your problems and meet all of your needs. A dental implant is an artificial prosthesis implanted in the jawbone in order to replace the root of a missing tooth. The implant is inserted like a screw into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Dental implants are used not only if one is missing teeth, but also in combination with other teeth, namely in order to support fixed or mobile prosthetic solutions.

Jaw orthodontics

Our professional team boasts many years of experience and offers solutions even for the most severe disorders pertaining to the position of teeth and the jaw. In addition to classic mobile and fixed braces, we also offer aesthetic fixed braces and foils for teeth straightening. A proper position of the jaw and teeth is essential primarily for functional reasons. Irregularities in their position can cause chewing and breathing disorders, increased tooth wear, periodontal problems and problems with keeping the teeth clean. Aesthetics is also an equally important aspect.

Aesthetic dentistry

The growing demand for a perfect smile has led to the emergence of a new branch of dentistry – aesthetic dentistry – whose main goal is to achieve just that. A well-trained team from the Makeover Polyclinic will provide you with a perfect smile using a number of modern methods. We single out the bleaching method, ceramic veneer creation and the smile design method. With this modern method, it is possible to plan and visualize the final therapy outcome for each patient in advance.

Dental laser

Advances in laser technology have not bypassed dental medicine. Professional staff from the Makeover Polyclinic provides you with the opportunity to solve your dental problems with a laser. We guarantee excellent results!
Advantages of using dental lasers:
Procedures performed with a dental laser do not require sutures for soft tissue
Dental laser procedures do not require anesthesia
Bleeding during the procedure is minimal because the air enables instant clotting of blood vessels and prevents blood loss
The laser beam disinfects the area where the procedure is performed and prevents bacterial infections.
Damage to surrounding tissue is minimized.
During the procedure, the laser immediately starts biostimulation and stimulates regeneration so the wounds heal much faster.

Dental radiology

Dental radiology is part of the medical diagnostic branch focused on the detection of cavities, pulp changes, periapical and periodontal changes, and dental trauma. It is used for planning the treatment of tumors and jaw trauma, and it has also found application in presenting the status of deciduous and permanent dentition, as well as anomalies in teeth development and orthodontic therapy. It is indispensable in the dental prosthetic implant process, and it has a special role in forensic dentistry.


In addition to high quality products and devices from the world of aesthetic medicine, we offer many innovative treatments in the field of dentistry, non-invasive and non-surgical treatments in the field of dermatology, medical aesthetics and anti-aging and regenerative gynecology.

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