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Permanent makeup

Micropigmentation is a method of pigmentation performed with a very thin needle on a small area, which is why the results are very precise. The most popular areas to be treated are lips (permanent make up gives the illusion of voluminous lips), eyelids (a thin line on the upper lash line to visually give volume to the lashes) or eyebrows.
The first step of the procedure is to choose the color from the palette that best suits your skin, face and complexion. After you approve the drawing on a specified area, we begin the process of micropigmentation.
The micropigmentation treatment can also be applied to the scalp. The application of a mineral pigment with special microneedles gives the impression of real hair. After admitting local anesthesia, the pigment is applied at a certain depth and at a special angle to the parts of the head where the hair has completely fallen out or thinned out.

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