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Polyclinic MakeOver

It gathers highly educated and experienced domestic and foreign medical experts in one place.

Makeover team


MATEA MATEJIĆ, dr. med. dent.

Matea Matejić was born in Split on March 26, 1989. She completed her high school education at the School of Pharmacy in Split.
She enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry in 2008 and graduated in September 2013. She completed her obligatory internship in 2014 at the Dental Polyclinic Split. After completing her internship, she got a job in the private practice “Kučinić, DMD”. In 2017, she enrolled in postgraduate university studies at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb. Currently, she is in the final phase of defending her doctoral dissertation in collaboration with the Ruđer Bošković Institute. She is the author and co-author of several scientific articles and is continuously improving her knowledge through courses and congresses both in the country and abroad. She also participates in congresses as a lecturer. Moreover, she is an assistant at the School of Medicine in Split, at the Department of Dental Prosthetics.



Md, PhD Ivana Alujević, MD, PhD, obtained the title of doctor of medicine at the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb (Split Section).
After completing her internship, she started her residency in gynecology and obstetrics at the University Hospital Center Split (where she still works), which she completed in 2002. She completed her subspecialty training in urogynecology in 2010. After completing her postgraduate doctoral studies (course “Basic and clinical medical sciences”), she defended her doctoral dissertation and obtained the title of doctor of science. She is the author and co-author of several scientific papers published both in domestic and foreign journals. She is continuously improving her skills at courses and congresses in the country and abroad, namely in the field of pelvic floor surgery and urinary incontinence in women.
She is an assistant at the School of Medicine of the University of Split, as well as at the Department of Health Studies of the University of Split. For several years, she has been attending professional conferences and congresses in the field of facial and body aesthetics and has acquired rich theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of non-invasive non-surgical anti-aging medicine.


dr. sc. GORAN PAVIČIĆ, dr. med.

Md, PhD Goran Pavičić, MD, PhD, obtained the title of doctor of medicine from the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb in 1976.
After completing his internship, he started his residency in dermatology, which he completed in 1989. Immediately after completing his residency, he got a job at the University Hospital Center Split, where he earned the respect of many and remained until his retirement.
In addition to his exceptional expertise and rich knowledge, Goran Pavičić, MD, is also famous for his relaxed approach to patients. He was chosen as the secretary of the dermatovenerological society in Dalmatia as the patients’ favorite doctor.
Through constant training in the field of dermatovenereology, he became one of the most sought-after doctors in his field. This is why he continues to receive numerous job offers even in retirement. He has also done exceptional work at the Dubrovnik General Hospital, where he helped many people with skin problems and sexually transmitted diseases.



Biljana Mančić was born in Split in 1986.
She graduated from the American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, obtained her Master’s degree at the DOBA Business School, and is currently a health tourism PhD student at the Faculty of Market Innovation. After many years of continuous training and attending numerous congresses and fairs concerning health, wellness and anti-age tourism around the world, where she also participated as a lecturer, in recent years she has also been organizing a health tourism fair in Croatia called “Mediterranean 365”, and she became the president of the Medical tourism cluster for the Split-Dalmatia County (Dalmatia Health).
She took over the family business founded in 1994, and she continues to invest in innovation and professional staff. She recognized the potential of creating a project that will be the perfect combination of her two passions – tourism and medicine, so she opened an innovative polyclinic in Split, with the vision of offering both top quality treatments and accommodation in one place.