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Say Goodbye To Cellulite

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a chronic disease of the degenerative type that has a tendency to worsen and a tendency to recur. It occurs in almost every woman, including professional models, skinny women and athletes. Cellulite can affect the entire legs or be localized in the area of ​​the front or back of the thighs, hips, knees and upper arms.

The approach to the problem of cellulite in our Polyclinic is complete, combined and strictly individualized.

  • Causes of cellulite

The female sex hormone estrogen combined with genetics, poor diet, poor circulation, aging, inadequate fluid intake and irregular physical activity is crucial in the development of cellulite.

  • A complete and combined approach to treatment at the Polyclinic MakeOver

At the Polyclinic MakeOver, a number of non-invasive, painless procedures are available, which, combined with a change in lifestyle, have proven to be extremely successful and effective in the fight against cellulite, and which are performed by experienced doctors.

All treatments are preceded by detailed and personalized consultations, with a team of experts from the Polyclinic in cooperation with medical cosmetologists and physiotherapists.

As for the Polyclinic’s methods – we use a combination of chemical peels (with which we achieve deep revitalization and restructuring of the skin and its tightening), microneedling and mesotherapy. We use different cocktails, depending on the degree and stage of treatment.

Mesococktails block production and stimulate the release and burning of fat, as well as speed up circulation. With these cocktails we act on several problems at once: on localized fat deposits, cellulite and weak skin tone together.

Furthermore, we combine the mentioned procedures with other medical-cosmetic treatments and massage techniques, as well as nutritional and advice on exercise and physical activity.

  • Metabolic Balance

As previously mentioned – we approach the issue of cellulite holistically, from several different perspectives.

Given that this is an extremely complex phenomenon, caused by a combination of different factors, it is easy to conclude that the solution to the problem of cellulite is not universal, unique and fast, and that it does not disappear “overnight”.

Since it has a tendency to recur, the procedures alone will not solve the problem of cellulite in the long run, so we emphasize once again the importance of a radical change in lifestyle.

In this sense, we give special importance to an individual diet plan that is compiled according to the laboratory values ​​of the patient’s blood picture obtained from the German clinic.

Metabolic Balance is a metabolic weight management program developed by doctors and nutrition scientists for which we are certified.

By eating according to the “metabolic balance” individual program, you lose weight in a healthy way, your hormones are stabilized, and sugar, fats and blood pressure are naturally regulated.

The individual plan of the program is made directly at the German metabolic balance institute, specifically for each client.

For more detailed information on all these treatments, feel free to sign up for a free consultation at our Polyclinic by phone / mobile phone or e-mail.


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