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Stop Faking Orgasms – Experience Them In Their Full Intensity!

Stop Faking Orgasms – Experience Them In Their Full Intensity!

PSimply put, orgasm is the culmination of a sexual experience, or sexual climax. The word orgasm itself comes from the Greek word orgasmós which means sensual, insane, lustful.

Polyclinic Makeover breaks taboos and pushes boundaries. Do you want to push the boundaries of sexual pleasure?

Simply put, orgasm is the culmination of a sexual experience, or sexual climax. The word orgasm itself comes from the Greek word orgasmós which means sensual, insane, lustful.

Orgasm provides the most intense sense of pleasure a man can experience. Even Mozart wrote long ago about how man and woman ascend to divinity in those moments.

While in men orgasm manifests itself very unequivocally and is achieved much more simply, a large number of women, on the other hand, consider reaching a climax a privilege and even a luxury.

While a man cannot fake ejaculation, a woman can very successfully fake her sexual climax.

Studies have shown that about 10% of women have never experienced an orgasm, and over 40% fake it regularly.

What if we told you there was a solution to that?


Before we move on, it is very important to point out that, in addition to the exclusive feeling of pleasure, achieving orgasm brings with it many benefits for a woman’s physical and mental health.

In this blog we will highlight only the most important:

  1. It lifts the mood by secreting endorphins.
  2. Helps to fall asleep and provides better quality sleep.
  3. Strengthens immunity.
  4. Eliminates headaches.
  5. Reduces stress.
  6. Regulates the menstrual cycle.
  7. Helps couples connect on a deeper level.


Despite the many benefits it has, orgasm for the vast majority of women is still something unattainable.

Why is that so?

Female orgasm is a significantly more complicated and complex phenomenon compared to male.

In addition, there are a number of problems on a physical level that occur after pregnancy, childbirth and due to the natural aging process.

There are changes such as increased pigmentation of the external genitalia, loss of volume of the labia, disturbance of uncontrolled escape of urine, dryness of the vagina and its frequent inflammation, pain during sexual intercourse, etc.

All of the above can greatly affect the self-confidence and sexual desire of a woman who, burdened by aesthetic and medical problems of the intimate region, can not relax during intercourse, which ultimately results in poor orgasm or even its complete absence.

As a result, women often lose interest in sexual life and avoid sexual intercourse altogether, and with this the difficulties deepen even more.

Other psychological influences and conservative value systems that surround us also play a major role in a woman’s orgasm, and they often look at a woman’s sexual pleasure with condemnation and disinterest and thus hinder it.


For all the described problems we offer a whole range of modern, completely painless, non-invasive and non-surgical procedures, which represent a special type of sexual wellness.

With the help of procedures and an individualized psychological approach, we strive to break down all prejudices and taboos related to female sexuality.

We try to help a woman connect first with herself and then with her partner.

If you want to break the monotony of your sex life and revive it, or want to solve some of problems that lead to insufficiently intense orgasm, or its complete absence – there is an expert team of our Polyclinic that will use high quality products and equipment to resolve your intimate worries.

The procedures themselves do not require any recovery, so your daily functions will not be disrupted.

The only advice we would like to give you before coming to our Polyclinic is to relax and get rid of all the prejudices and boundaries you have set for yourself.

Only then will you be able to be truly happy, content and enjoy every aspect of your femininity.

Let us step together into a new age of intimate beauty and health, pleasure and eternal youth.


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