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AQ Skin Solutions

MakeOver Polyclinic has become the first exclusive healthcare institution in Croatia to apply AQ Skin Solutions products – the most awarded patented anti-age products in the world in the field of regenerative medicine!
AQ Skin Solutions products from a leading American and world laboratory, contain the purest concentration of carefully selected, stable growth factors. These growth factors are balanced in optimal proportions and based on scientific knowledge in order to achieve the best results in each individually treated region of the face and the body.
Why growth factors?
Growth factors are signaling proteins necessary in the regeneration of all skin layers.
Their production decreases significantly with age, which leads to a number of unwanted changes.
Topical application helps to heal wounds and scars from acne, repairs damage caused by excessive sun exposure, reduces the traces of chronological aging, restores skin tightness, radiance and youthful glow.
They are extremely successful in regenerating hair follicles that are used in treating hair loss problems.
They are also used in gynecology for vaginal rejuvenation.
It has been scientifically proven that the use of AQ Skin Solution products helps to repair the effects of chronological and photo aging, and it improves skin tone and texture.

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