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Nanopass MicronJet™️

Nanopass MicronJet ™️ represents a REVOLUTION in aesthetic medicine and is EXCLUSIVELY available from now on for you at the MakeOver polyclinic!
NEW patented MICROneedle – Nanopass MicronJet ™ ️is a medical device designed for controlled and safe intradermal application of mesotherapy preparations.
This small and very smart medical device consists of 3 silicone micro-cones 0.6 mm long for single use.
The device makes secure an almost completely painless and precise injection into the dermis, improves patient comfort and minimizes the risk of bruising.
Due to its special design, it makes it extremely easy to perform an aesthetic protocol!
Small papules form a depot product from which the mesotherapy cocktail is continuously released and spreads rapidly through the dermis. The papule disappears within 24 h.
Nanopass MicronJet ™ is ideal for treatment and rejuvenation of delicate areas such as the region of the eye, neck and décolleté.
Performing mesotherapy in the eye region is always a challenge.
The procedure must be effective but not aggressive, and it must be painless for the patient.
Delicate areas are often prone to bruising, which can prevent some patients from undergoing rejuvenation treatment in these regions.
The surface layer of the dermis is crucial in revitalization and skin rejuvenation.
It is this layer that is rich in fibroblasts, which we must stimulate for the production of new collagen and elastin.
That is why it is vital that we perform PRECISE injection of a preparation that is not too deep or too superficial.
With its 0.6 mm length, the advantage of the Nanopass MicronJet️ lies in the precision of penetration and treatment of the target skin depth.

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