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Zdravstveni turizam - Split

Medical tourism

MakeOver Beautiful Inside & Out Polyclinic is designed as a real oasis of medical tourism for both domestic and foreign guests.
Together with the luxurious BGold rooms, this Polyclinic offers a wide range of unique, innovative treatments and comfortable accommodation in one place. As well as the medical and tourist-educated staff ready to provide all visitors with 24-hour care.
Polyclinic MakeOver’s vision is aimed at further promoting Split and Dalmatia as ideal destinations for health tourism, but also towards improving the quality of healthcare in the region, which ultimately contributes to the development of year-round tourism in Croatia.
Split, as a world-famous tourist destination, offers all its visitors a perfect blend of historical heritage, crystal clear sea, traditional culinary delicacies and a wide selection of beaches and nearby islands. The mild Mediterranean climate and a large number of sunny hours make Split a truly ideal location for vacation all year round.
Why choose us?
Online consultation
We offer the possibility of a free online consultation with our professional staff before making your decision on the desired treatment / procedure. We solve all your doubts and are at your disposal for all detailed questions!
Competitive prices
In our Polyclinic, you can make almost any treatment and procedure completely tailored to your wishes and needs at significantly lower prices than anywhere abroad.
Complete service
Our clients enjoy a premium travel experience from the moment they step off the airplane, all the way until the moment they board their plane again. With organized airport transfer, deluxe accommodation, organized tours, world-class staff, and procedures; Polyclinic MakeOver truly offers an all-in-one complete beauty & health service.
Complete makeover
The MakeOver Polyclinic offers a chance of a complete transformation, while in a unique location. From simple medical-cosmetic treatments to a completely new body figure and smile!
When it comes to body shaping, we are talking about the high performing Metabolic Balance metabolic program – an individualized diet and healthy weight loss program.
We personally compile a customized diet plan for you, procure the necessary groceries and prepare meals according to your body and blood type. The plan and the simultaneous care provided by our trained staff will give you support, security and real prospects of success, which will help you achieve your personal goals in terms of metabolism, weight and health.
The best part is, you can start noticing first positive results after just 14 days since starting with the program!
Added value
If necessary, COVID-19 tests are available that can test for current infection or past infection.
Safe stay in Croatia certificate
BGold luxury rooms, located within the Polyclinic, hold the “Safe Stay in Croatia” certificate, issued by the Ministry of Tourism. This shows we continuously inform ourselves on pandemic situation and make sure we meet the highest hygiene standards, as well as set regulations.
Time is money
In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, time is money. All our visitors can enjoy an all-in-one-place experience! We offer deluxe accommodation, organized tours, world-class staff, and procedures, spa & relaxation, traditional cuisine, and so much more! Combine comfortable with useful at the MakeOver Polyclinic!
We are looking forward to hosting you!

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