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Estetska ginekologija i ginekologija

Regenerative gynecology

For both women and men, today’s lifestyle inevitably leads to an increasingly intense need for aesthetic procedures whose purpose is to keep a youthful appearance of not only the face, but also the intimate area for as long as possible.
Resolving a number of problems related to the intimate region that were until recently considered “taboo topics” leads to a boosted self-confidence and ultimately a better relationship with the partner and others in general.
The need to improve and prolong the youthful appearance of the intimate area is present in all age groups and is available through a series of modern and completely painless non-surgical procedures that have been an integral part of female/male care for many years and constitute a type of sexual wellness.
In women, after childbirth and due to the natural aging process, the appearance and function of the genitals change.
Some of the most common problems are:
– urinary incontinence
– vaginal dryness
– discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse
– poor orgasm or its complete absence
– frequent inflammation of the vagina
– dissatisfaction with the appearance of external genitalia (loss of labia volume, scars)
– chronic pain with scar episiotomy
– chronic pain after surgery
– postpartum fecal incontinence
– change in the pigmentation of external genitalia.
Do you suffer from any of these problems?
At the Makeover Polyclinic, we will definitely find a solution for you!
We offer a wide range of modern non-invasive painless procedures with a completely personalized approach.
In addition, your daily functions will not be disrupted as the procedures do not require any recovery.
Feel free to contact us!
Let’s step together into a new age of intimate beauty and health, as well as eternal youth.
The procedures we perform in the intimate region are the following:

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Estetska ginekologija i ginekologija
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