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Hidrokolon terapija - Poliklinika MakeOver

Hydrocolon therapy

The hydrocolon therapy is a simple and non-aggressive treatment that removes impurities from the colon and its wall. This treatment has been an integral part of personal hygiene in developed western countries for years, and its main aim is to relieve the body of harmful substances in order to detoxify it. It is completely painless and lasts 45 minutes.
This treatment is recommended for people:
  • who would like to detoxify their body for a healthier lifestyle
  • who have weight problems
  • who suffer from digestive disorders
  • who are prone to allergies and skin changes
In order to cleanse the colon, it is ideal to do five treatments two to four days apart. If necessary, it is possible to perform up to ten consecutive treatments two to four days. During the treatment period, it is necessary to drink larger amounts of fluids.

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