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Intravenozna terapija poliklinika makeover

Intravenous therapy

Our business philosophy is woven into the idea that all beauty and health come from within.
Accordingly, we place special emphasis to intravenous therapy.
What is intravenous therapy?
Intravenous therapy or infusion is a medical technique that delivers fluids, medications and nutrition directly into a person’s vein.
It is used for various purposes such as detoxification, rejuvenation and for a number of other applications.
What is applied?
Ingredients can be:
  • Medications
  • Water for rehydration
  • Nutrients: vitamins, minerals and amino acids
 What is intravenous therapy used for?
Apart from detox and anti-age, intravenous therapy or infusion is also used:
  • To boost energy and to improve mood
  • For treatment of depression and anxiety
  • For relieving stress symptoms
  • For strengthening concentration and for better memory and learning
  • For strengthening immunity
  • For liver regeneration
  • For fat melting
  • For treatment of allergies
  • For cardiovascular diseases
  • For recovery of the body after chemotherapy
There are many more examples of infusion applications. The composition of the nutrients varies depending on the condition being treated.

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