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Metabolic balance - Poliklinika MakeOver

Metabolic balance

Metabolic Balance is an individualized diet plan for healthy weight loss and weight regulation, developed by doctors
and nutrition scientists.
The program itself begins with the detoxification of the body in the form of hydrocolon therapy carried out by our expert doctor (shown on the photo) with more than 20 years of experience.
The program starts with the main assumption that each organism has its own metabolic specifics, which do not change throughout life and remain the same forever. Just like fingerprints.
Accordingly, the diet plan and program are compiled according to the laboratory values of the blood picture of each individual and are then examined in the German metabolic balance institute.
This program represents a one-time investment in long-term health.
When eating according to the metabolic balance individual program, you experience healthy weight-loss, your hormones are stabilized, and your sugar, fats and blood pressure are naturally regulated.
After in just 14 days you will feel a significant improvement in terms of less weight, more energy and better mood mood (since, among other things, we solve hormonal imbalance with a personal diet plan). By expelling all toxins from the body, you will feel more energetic and lighter, and by following a set diet plan, you will feel more satisfied, motivated and persistent in achieving further goals.
The program has ISO 9001 quality certification. It is strictly controlled and can and should only be carried out by specially trained and certified professionals.
The director Biljana Mančić is a certified therapist for the metabolic balance program in our Polyclinic. The program has been applied to our employee – Dr. Linda, who is the best example of its efficiency and effectiveness.
Who is the program for?
  • People who are overweight, and/or people who want to lose weight in a healthy way
  • People struggling with diabetes (insulin dependent or independent) – regardless of body weight
  • Healthy people who wish to use the program as a preventative method.

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