At the Makeover Polyclinic, patients have a wide range of non-invasive, non-surgical and completely painless medical treatments at their disposal. These medical aestethi and anti-age treatments lead to excellent results and correct the damage caused by photoaging and chronological aging. In doing so, we place special emphasis on preserving the patient’s natural appearance, especially when it comes to the procedures related to the facial area, avoiding an artificial appearance and any exaggeration as the final result. The purpose of all our medical aestethi and anti-age treatments is to slow down the natural aging process of the face and body and to discreetly repair the changes that have already occurred, while preserving natural beauty as much as possible, as well as reaching the satisfaction and preserving the mental well-being of our patients.

Facial and body mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive method of rejuvenation applied in aesthetic medicine with the aim of regenerating the skin. It is based on the injection of active ingredients to a specific depth of the skin, which results in its intense hydration. The skin automatically regenerates, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are removed, and the synthesis of the skin’s natural collagen is stimulated. Each treatment is completely personalized and adapted to the type of skin and the type of problem being treated. The finest needles are used during the application in order to minimize skin trauma. This method can be used to treat the face and neck area, as well as the hands, knees, elbows and scalp. It can also be used in the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite, usually in combination with chemical peels. Occasionally, redness of the skin may occur after the treatment. Small bruises occur rarely, and they disappear very quickly. It is not recommended to apply make-up immediately after the treatment, and it is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun or artificial sources of UV radiation. To achieve the full effect of mesotherapy, it is recommended to perform several consecutive treatments. The number and intervals of those treatments will depend on the region being treated and the type of problem the patient is facing (from three to six treatments).

Facial and body microneedling

The microneedling treatment is a non-surgical method of rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, cleavage area and other regions of the body. It is used in the treatment of shallow wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and cellulite. In our polyclinic, the procedure is performed using a professional transdermal device, which can operate at six scalar depths and at five speeds. The device has a round head with 12, 24, 36 and 42 needles, and it is also possible to use nanoneedles for the particularly sensitive area around the eyes. The device makes small punctures on the skin. Simultaneously, the application of selected serums and cocktails is performed. This stimulates the synthesis of new collagen, as well as deep skin nourishment and renewal. The treatment and the preparation last about 60 minutes. After the treatment, the skin is red, but the redness normalizes in one or two days. The use of sunscreen is important. For a full effect, three or four treatments four weeks apart are recommended.

Facial and body PRP

PRP (platelet rich plasma), i.e. platelet-rich plasma, is obtained by taking the peripheral blood from a patient and subjecting it to centrifugation.

The use of one’s own blood for medical purposes has been known in medicine for many years.

In our polyclinic, we use the most modern device available on the market (Arthrex Angel) to obtain a highly concentrated plasma with a significantly better composition than the plasma obtained using the so-called “basic centrifuge”. Such PRP is extremely rich in platelets and growth factors which activate fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen. Using the Angel calculator, the desired volume of PRP is defined in advance, and so is the desired value of platelets and leukocytes, which varies depending on the region to be treated.

The present and future of regeneration and rejuvenation surely lies in this procedure as there is nothing safer or more valuable than one’s own tissue.

Where do we apply PRP?
– vaginal regeneration and rejuvenation
– regeneration of the external intimate area
– O shot

Other regions where we apply PRP:
– scalp regeneration
– regeneration of the face, neck and cleavage area
– regeneration of the skin of the knee
– elbow skin regeneration
– treatment of stretch marks

The duration of the procedure varies depending on the selected centrifugation used to prepare the PRP (basic or Angel). The obtained PRP can be used in microneedling or for mesotherapy. It is also possible to combine the PRP treatment with chemical peels and mesotherapy cocktails. To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to perform several consecutive treatments – the intervals depend on the region being treated and the type of problem.

Scalp treatment

The scalp is one of the regions that can be effectively treated with one’s own blood and mesotherapy cocktails. Prior to the treatment, it is necessary to deeply clean the patient’s scalp. It is also possible to use a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort during the treatment. This is followed by an injection of centrifuged plasma or mesotherapy cocktails using the finest needles. Plasma and mesococktails injected directly into the scalp improve skin circulation and hydration and stimulate hair follicle growth. This method is effective in the initial stages of hair thinning, while in later stages of hair loss when most follicles are most likely dead, this therapy will not give the expected results. It is recommended to perform three treatments – one treatment a month – as well as to perform maintenance therapies every 6 to 12 months. The first results are visible within two months. Recovery is not required and the patient can immediately return to their daily activities.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite is a chronic disease which has a tendency to worsen and a tendency to recur. Almost every woman has a problem with cellulite, including professional models, skinny women and athletes.

The female sex hormone estrogen combined with poor nutrition, poor circulation, genetics, aging, inadequate fluid intake and irregular physical activity is crucial to the development of cellulite. Consequently, the following occurs:

  • skin thinning
  • damage of connective tissue that becomes inelastic and as such is not a good support for fat cells
  • the fat cells grow towards the surface of the skin, and at the same time the inelastic connective tissue pulls them down, causing an orange peel look

Cellulite can affect the entire leg or it can be localized to the area of ​​the front or back of the thighs, hips, knees and upper arms. It can be divided by visibility of the orange peel look:

  • No orange peel
  • Orange peel that can be seen under pressure
  • Orange peel that can be seen in motion
  • Orange peel that can be seen during rest

As far as its type is concerned, cellulite can be divided into:

  • soft cellulite
  • hard cellulite
  • edematous cellulite

The approach to cellulite treatment is strictly personalized. We use a combination of chemical peels (which help us achieve deep revitalization and restructuring of the skin, as well as its tightening), microneedling and mesotherapy. We combine the above procedures with manual massages, vacuum drainage and tips on diet and exercise. Successful removal usually requires five or six treatments. Future treatments have to be carried out as maintenance treatments, and they have to become part of your lifestyle as cellulite has a tendency to recur.

Stretch mark treatment

Life leaves various traces on our body, and stretch marks are definitely among the most stubborn ones. They occur as a result of excessive stretching of the skin, most commonly on the abdomen, thighs, upper arms and hips. They are initially reddish and pink in color, but they eventually fade. People of both sexes have them, but women tend to get them more often because estrogen destroys collagen and stimulates their emergence. Therefore, they occur most often during puberty and pregnancy, as well as if one is taking oral contraceptives, when estrogen levels are high. Their can also emerge if there is a significant increase in body or muscle mass, if corticosteroids are used and if there is a hormonal imbalance. Stretch marks are actually a skin defect where one layer is missing to a greater or lesser extent. As for the treatment of stretch marks in our clinic, we use a combined treatment technique which includes chemical peels, microneedling and mesotherapy. During mesotherapy, we use special cocktails for the correction of this defect, as well as the patient’s own blood (PRP). A combination of four treatments three to four weeks apart is usually recommended. After that, and depending on the result, a further treatment strategy is planned. Stretch marks can never completely disappear, but it is certainly possible is to substantially mitigate them. The width of stretch marks (the wider the stretch marks, the harder it is to remove them) as well as their depth is crucial for success. The procedure is painless and does not require any recovery. The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the surface to be treated, as well as the combination of procedures chosen for each individual patient.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a combination of art and science. They are a medical procedure during which selected chemicals are applied to the skin on the region being treated, with the aim of improving the condition of the skin. Based on the depth of action, peelings can be:
– very superficial
– superficial
– medium deep
– deep
Chemical peels can be used as separate treatments or as the preparation for or addition to other treatments, such as microneedling and mesotherapy in the face or neck area, as well as on ​​other parts of the body. These treatments can also be an integral component of combined stretch mark and cellulite treatments. They are an excellent method for reducing shallow wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, acne scars and skin changes caused by photoaging. The goal of the treatment is to remove a number of layers of the skin, which spurs its natural renewal, the creation of new collagen and elastin, the renewal of the epidermis and skin remodeling. The effect of chemical peels depends on the choice of acid, and the choice of acid is based on treatment indications. The treatments are most often carried out two to four weeks apart, depending on the type of acid used in the process. After the treatment, there is a slight redness that subsides very quickly. Within a few days, visible peeling or flaking of the skin is possible, but is stops very quickly. During this time, special skin care is necessary – the patient will receive thorough instructions after the procedure. It is extremely important to follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding skin care and use sunscreen with a high protection factor outdoors.


The skin in the area of ​​the eyelids is particularly thin and as such is extremely sensitive to the effects of aging.

With age, the eyelids slowly change their appearance. Excess skin in the form of bags, wrinkles and oily pads occurs on them, which greatly changes the perception of beauty and significantly affects the loss of self-confidence.

Although a number of innovative non-invasive methods are available to solve this problem, excess skin and adipose tissue on the eyelids can be completely removed only and exclusively by surgery called blepharoplasty or eyelid correction.

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty or eyelid correction is an aesthetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin and adipose tissue from the upper and lower eyelids.


Candidates for blepharoplasty are all persons, regardless of age, whose skin on the eyelids has lost elasticity and consistency.

Most often, these are elderly people because the skin on the eyelids is the thinnest, so the first signs of aging are most visible on them, but candidates for eyelid correction can also be people in their 20s and 30s who also develop excess skin on their eyelids or in the case of a genetic predisposition to the appearance of dark circles.

It is necessary to emphasize that blepharoplasty is not only an aesthetic, but also a functional problem.

In exceptional situations, the eyelids can be lowered so much that they cannot be raised normally, thus interfering with vision.


The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. It lasts about 2-3 hours, of which 45 minutes are left for preoperative preparation (disinfection of the operative field and drawing).

At the MakeOver Polyclinic, blepharoplasty is performed by a top ophthalmologist who is very well acquainted with the anatomical structures around the eyes, so the procedure is simple and without risk to the patient.

The results:

With the help of an experienced specialist, detailed preoperative preparation, precisely performed procedure and disciplined behavior of the patient after the operation, blepharoplasty gives top and long-term results and restores the patient’s self-confidence.

Vistabel therapy

The most popular aesthetic treatment in the world is the Vistabel treatment – it has been used as the most effective ˝wrinkle wiper˝ for more than 20 years. This product is not a poison, but a natural protein with no long-lasting side effects that helps slow down the aging process. It works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles, and its effects are visible several days after the application. It effectively removes wrinkles from the forehead, those caused by frowning, as well as small wrinkles around the eyes. The procedure is primarily intended for people who would like to remove:
– unwanted smile lines
– unwanted frown lines
– horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

The application is 15 minutes long. The duration of the results varies depending on the individual characteristics of the patient (in most cases, the results last from four to six months). The treatment can be repeated an unlimited number of times. In most cases, the interval between treatments is four to six months. If the treatments are repeated, the aesthetic effect of rejuvenation is more lasting. Minor bruising may occur at the application area. The treatments should not be performed if the area of the skin where the product is to be applied is infected, if one is allergic to any ingredient of the product, or if one suffers from neurological disorders (ALS, Myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton Sy.). After the treatment, it is recommended to avoid physical activities for 48 hours and to sleep with the head on a raised headboard due to the possibility of moving the product.

Face contouring

Face contouring is an ideal treatment for all patients who would like to achieve a Hollywood look without undergoing surgery. It is a non-invasive method of injecting selected preparations into precisely defined points of the face, thus achieving symmetry and definition. The procedure is primarily intended for people who would like to:
– define their cheekbones
– correct their chin
– improve the profile of their face
– create facial symmetry
– emphasize the beauty of their lips.

After the treatment, pain and bruises may appear, but they subside in a few days. After the procedure, daily skin care with moisturizers is recommended. At the Makeover Polyclinic, we can offer you a very wide range of day and night creams that will make your face shine with unrecognizable beauty and freshness.

Under Eye correction

Dark circles around the eyes occur primarily as a result of the accelerating pace of our lives, stress and unhealthy life habits. Since the above greatly impairs facial appearance, this treatment is one of the most sought-after procedures in the field of antiaging. The procedure is intended for people who would like to:

  • eliminate dark circles around the eyes
  • restore lost volume to the periocular area.

Since the periocular area is extremely sensitive, it is very important that this procedure be performed exclusively by a trained medical professional. Thus, the chances of side effects are reduced to a minimum and mainly pertain to mild swelling and bruising at the injection area. After the treatment, it is extremely important to avoid exposure to the sun, as well as increased physical activity, massaging or pressing the treated area and going to the sauna. Regular home care is also of outmost importance. In our polyclinic, you can find top products by renowned companies used for care immediately after the treatment, as well as for home care.

AQ Skin Solutions

MakeOver Polyclinic has become the first exclusive healthcare institution in Croatia to apply AQ Skin Solutions products – the most awarded patented anti-age products in the world in the field of regenerative medicine!

AQ Skin Solutions products from a leading American and world laboratory, contain the purest concentration of carefully selected, stable growth factors. These growth factors are balanced in optimal proportions and based on scientific knowledge in order to achieve the best results in each individually treated region of the face and the body.

Why growth factors?

Growth factors are signaling proteins necessary in the regeneration of all skin layers.

Their production decreases significantly with age, which leads to a number of unwanted changes.

Topical application helps to heal wounds and scars from acne, repairs damage caused by excessive sun exposure, reduces the traces of chronological aging, restores skin tightness, radiance and youthful glow.

They are extremely successful in regenerating hair follicles that are used in treating hair loss problems.

They are also used in gynecology for vaginal rejuvenation.

It has been scientifically proven that the use of AQ Skin Solution products helps to repair the effects of chronological and photo aging, and it improves skin tone and texture.

PROFHILO Treatment

PROFHILO is considered one of the most modern procedures of rejuvenation with the help of a combination of hyaluronic filler, skin booster and mesotherapy – all in one!

We recommend the procedure to people between the ages of 35 and 60, while PROFHILO can also be used to prevent skin aging in younger people.


PROFHILO is a hybrid of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that acts on the structure of ALL skin layers by stimulating the production of its own collagen and elastin without unnatural increase in volume, which guarantees the preservation of natural facial contours.

Due to the very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, two treatments at intervals of a month are enough to make the skin radiant and tight, and small wrinkles smoothed.

It is used in the treatment of the face, neck, décolleté, hands, knees and elbows.

For long-term effects, maintenance treatment once a year is recommended.


NITHYA is a 100% purified COLLAGEN used for injection directly into the skin.

Collagen is a protein produced by our body and it is an integral part of the connective tissue that is vital to our body.

Under the influence of external factors, as well as due to the aging process, collagen fibers are damaged and their production is reduced, causing the skin to relax and wrinkles to form.

But now NITHYA is coming to our aid!

Due to its specific mechanism of action, NITHYA enables direct replacement of collagen where it is injected, while simultaneously stimulating fibroblasts to produce their own collagen.

It is intended for the treatment of wrinkles on the face, neck, décolleté and hands, as well as in the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite.

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, it greatly enhances skin hydration, evens out the complexion and increases the firmness and tightness of tissues.

For full effect, 3-4 treatments at intervals of 2-3 weeks are recommended.

Nanopass MicronJet™️

Nanopass MicronJet ™️ represents a REVOLUTION in aesthetic medicine and is EXCLUSIVELY available from now on for you at the MakeOver polyclinic!

NEW patented MICROneedle – Nanopass MicronJet ™ ️is a medical device designed for controlled and safe intradermal application of mesotherapy preparations.

This small and very smart medical device consists of 3 silicone micro-cones 0.6 mm long for single use.

The device makes secure an almost completely painless and precise injection into the dermis, improves patient comfort and minimizes the risk of bruising.

Due to its special design, it makes it extremely easy to perform an aesthetic protocol!

Small papules form a depot product from which the mesotherapy cocktail is continuously released and spreads rapidly through the dermis. The papule disappears within 24 h.

Nanopass MicronJet ™ is ideal for treatment and rejuvenation of delicate areas such as the region of the eye, neck and décolleté.

Performing mesotherapy in the eye region is always a challenge.

The procedure must be effective but not aggressive, and it must be painless for the patient.

Delicate areas are often prone to bruising, which can prevent some patients from undergoing rejuvenation treatment in these regions.

The surface layer of the dermis is crucial in revitalization and skin rejuvenation.

It is this layer that is rich in fibroblasts, which we must stimulate for the production of new collagen and elastin.

That is why it is vital that we perform PRECISE injection of a preparation that is not too deep or too superficial.

With its 0.6 mm length, the advantage of the Nanopass MicronJet️ lies in the precision of penetration and treatment of the target skin depth.


In addition to PRP treatment, the polyclinic MakeOver, following modern world trends, has included the PRF procedure in its offer!

PRF (platelet rich fibrin) is a preparation obtained from your blood, without any additional additives or preservatives.

After a special treatment procedure, plasma is obtained, which is extremely rich in growth factors embedded in a dense fibrin network.

This allows the gradual release of growth factors over the next ten days, which guarantees a faster, stronger and longer lasting effect.

Such a preparation is 100% natural and represents a revolutionary procedure in regenerative and antiaging medicine, and its application is very wide.

Due to the outstanding effects that can be achieved, this product is also called a NATURAL FILLER.

PRF treatment can also be combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace elements and peptides. This treatment is also known as CLEOPATRA’S TREATMENT, after the professor Cleopatra Nacopoulos who developed it.

Promoting the fullness of the skin, deep renewal and quality in all layers, it has established itself as a superior method when compared to classic fillers.

Microneedling (Derma pen therapy)

This treatment is performed with tiny needles that vertically puncture the skin, resulting in superficial micro-damage to the skin which stimulates its regeneration, as well as the production of new collagen. The skin is thus rejuvenated through a natural process. Although microneedles do not cause real tissue damage, our body still reacts to the penetration of skin. The nerves send an electrical impulse that starts the healing process and increases the production of collagen and elastin. This treatment is excellent for fine lines and scars (from acne, etc.), and it can also be used to reduce hyperpigmentation, keloids and stretch marks.


This procedure involves the removal of the surface layer of the skin and its dead cells, which stimulates the formation of new cells and collagen production. Following the procedure, your skin will be prepared to better absorb active substances from the treatment that will be applied afterwards.

The procedure can be performed on the face and certain parts of the body, on all skin types (dry, oily and combination). It regenerates the skin, reduces superficial scars (acne) and hyperpigmentation, cleanses and hydrates the skin, as well as reduces fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

The treatment is painless, and it takes about seven days for the skin to recover with the help of moisturizers and serums to improve hydration.


The radiofrequency treatment heats both the surface and deep layers of the skin, resulting in a change in the structure of collagen. Controlled heating of collagen fibers in the dermis to a certain temperature leads to a reaction in our body, starting the process of tissue regeneration. The result is a rapid regeneration of the tissue and accelerated metabolism of collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts). At the same time, the procedure stimulates the drainage of fluid in the tissue, making the face fresher and more radiant.

Green peel therapy

It is a completely natural herbal peel comprising eight selected plants that contain enzymes, minerals and vitamins. After a thorough analysis of the skin, the herbal mixtures are intensively massaged into the skin. This increases blood circulation, improves the oxygen supply, nourishes the skin and stimulates the renewal of skin cells. During the herbal massage, the upper layers of the epidermis are removed, which stimulates the regeneration process. Different amounts of the herbal peeling mixture allow for adjustments of the procedure in accordance with your skin type and the desired goals. The procedure is best suited to those with enlarged pores, seborrheic skin, skin impurities, tired skin, scars or hyperpigmentation. It can also be used for aging prevention or to prevent the loss of skin elasticity.

Plasma Pen treatment

Plasma Pen is an exceptional device intended for all skin types, regardless of age. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, immediately tightening the skin of the treated area without damaging the surrounding area.

The Plasma Pen treatment is a non-invasive method intended for the tightening of the sagging skin of lower and upper eyelids, removing wrinkles around the eyes and lips or on the forehead and neck, removing tattoos and permanent makeup, and reducing dark circles around the eyes, as well as hypertrophic and atrophic scars.

The treatment is almost painless, and it only leaves small spots on the skin, as well as minimal redness that disappears in a few days. The treatment lasts about twenty minutes, and the results are visible immediately after the first treatment, but for the best results, we recommend two to four treatments with a two-month break between them.

IPL Face photorejuvenation

Photorejuvination is an effective, painless, fast and safe method of removing skin imperfections. Using laser sources and a pulsating light, it is possible to successfully treat and improve the appearance and the state of the skin. The treatment improves the texture and tone of the skin, and it is intended for treating acne scars, removing redness and small capillaries, as well as reducing hyperpigmentation, fine lines and enlarged pores. This treatment will result in a soft, fine and smooth skin.

The necessary number of treatments depends on the state of your skin. Treatments can be done every four weeks, and after each treatment, additional hydration is needed.

Carboxy therapy

This procedure is performed by injecting tiny amounts of a colorless gas (carbon dioxide) in specific layers of the skin, depending on the treated area: chin, stretch marks, dark circles around the eyes or cellulite. Increased oxygen supply and the acceleration of metabolism and circulation stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and the production of new collagen, which leads to increased elasticity and tightens your skin. Improved circulation of the treated area gives the skin a fresher youthful appearance. It is recommended for people with initial signs of aging, as well as for people who would like to correct mild imperfections on their face or body.

USEFUL FOR TREATMENTS: venous insufficiency, localized adiposity, psoriasis, stretch marks, cellulite, skin ulcers, alopecia, vasculopathies of the lower and upper limbs, erectile dysfunction, anti-aging face.

Medical micropigmentation (permanent makeup)

Micropigmentation is a method of pigmentation performed with a very thin needle on a small area, which is why the results are very precise. The most popular areas to be treated are lips (permanent make up gives the illusion of voluminous lips), eyelids (a thin line on the upper lash line to visually give volume to the lashes) or eyebrows.

The first step of the procedure is to choose the color from the palette that best suits your skin, face and complexion. After you approve the drawing on a specified area, we begin the process of micropigmentation.

The micropigmentation treatment can also be applied to the scalp. The application of a mineral pigment with special microneedles gives the impression of real hair. After admitting local anesthesia, the pigment is applied at a certain depth and at a special angle to the parts of the head where the hair has completely fallen out or thinned out.

Laser hair removal

Most women dream of permanent hair removal. This is possible to achieve using a laser.

Our team of experts has been using this method for 25 years, with excellent results. For years, we have used various types of lasers (ND: YAG, Alexandrit, IPL, Diode lasers), but the treated area needed to be shaved first. Now we use the newest revolutionary VORTEX laser, where shaving is not necessary. The Vortex laser operates at 755 nm of wavelength. Thanks to the cold air flow, the whole process is painless, and the laser can remove even slightly lighter thin hairs on dark skin, which has previously been impossible. After the first treatment, the hair is reduced by as much as 30%.


In addition to high quality products and devices from the world of aesthetic medicine, we offer many innovative treatments in the field of dentistry, non-invasive and non-surgical treatments in the field of dermatology, medical aesthetics and anti-aging, regenerative gynecology and medical tourism.

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