O-Shot – Pleasure At Your Fingertips


O-Shot – Pleasure At Your Fingertips

Female orgasm is a complex and always interesting topic. If we look at the history of female orgasms, in the 19th century the female orgasm was considered a hysterical and insane reaction that needed to be treated. Of course, we don’t even have to say how taboo the discussion about this “strange phenomenon” was.

Polyclinic Makeover breaks taboos and pushes boundaries. Do you want to push the boundaries of sexual pleasure?

We are one of the first polyclinics in the region to specialize, among other things, in a procedure called O-Shot. If you are among the majority of people who currently have a question mark over their head, we are here to explain why this is the procedure that will make 2021 the most beautiful year so far, whatever it may be like.


In short, O-Shot will push all the boundaries of sexual pleasure, by helping you experience easier and more intense orgasms. Is there a woman who doesn’t want that?


O-Shot is based on the revolutionary PRP technology that has become the most important trend in aesthetic gynecology in the last few years.


PRP (platelet rich plasma), i.e. platelet-rich plasma, is obtained by taking the peripheral blood from a patient, which then undergoes a centrifugation process. It may sound strange, but the use of one’s own blood for therapeutic purposes has been known in medicine for many years.


In our polyclinic we use the most modern device on the market (Angel Arthrex) to obtain highly concentrated plasma that is significantly better in its composition than the plasma obtained using the so-called. basic centrifuge.


PRP obtained using the Angel-Arthrex device is extremely rich in platelet-derived growth factors that activate fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen and promote neovascularization.


Using the Angel calculator, the desired volume of PRP is defined in advance, as well as the desired value of platelets and leukocytes, which varies depending on the region that will be treated.

The present and future of regeneration and rejuvenation surely lies in this process because there is nothing safer and more valuable than your own tissue, and the same can be said for the future of your sexual pleasure.


During the O-Shot procedure, PRP is injected into precisely defined points of the female intimate region. This promotes greater sexual pleasure for women, because this procedure removes vaginal dryness, uncomfortable and painful intercourse and the need for lubricants, which ultimately results in increased libido.


Mild forms of uncontrolled urine flow are also successfully treated this way. The procedure is painless thanks to the use of anesthetic gel which is applied before the procedure.


In addition to pleasure, O-Shot is also used to restore bladder function. Nearly a third of women have problems with urinary incontinence, which causes unwanted leakage of urine. The O-Shot procedure solves the problem of incontinence efficiently and quickly.



The results of the O-Shot procedure usually last from one to two years, after which it is recommended to repeat the procedure. Many benefits of this procedure have our patients gain more self confidence and overall happiness.


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